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I had placed an order over a year and a half ago. I entered the situation very optimistic as I truly do believe in this type of activity, so please, do not judge me as this is my own personal religious belief set. With that being said, I waited patiently as instructed. As the situation began to sour and it was clear that the spell was not working a month into after having requested it, I sent an email detailing my situation. I had waited and I had received no response. After sending another email about a month later, further describing how the situation had gotten worst as well as my previous email, I was sent an email that instructed me to remain optimistic and to wait about 6 months and if I am still unsatisfied, then they will re-do the spell and then we can talk. I waited as instructed and when it was clear that the spell had failed, I sent them an email stating so. It was clear that this spell was not going to work and I requested a refund. I did not hea anything back. I continued to send them emails requesting a refund of the monies that I had paid since it clearly states that they will refund your policy if you do not obtain the results that the spell promises to bring. It has been a over a year and a half and I still continue to send them requests for a refund, since the person in question is not fully attached to someone else with a child and married. It is clear that the spell had completely failed on my behalf. While the spells may very well work for some, that is great. My biggest issue is that they ignored my numerous emails. I have sent over 10 to over 3 different email addresses as they have many different email address that they use, (I have received an email, be it automated or not, from either of the emails below), which include: (email address removed by HolySmoke.org admin), (email address removed by HolySmoke.org admin), (email address removed by HolySmoke.org admin), (email address removed by HolySmoke.org admin)) And they flat out ignored my request for a refund. Please, go elsewhere for such services or perform them yourself. The fact that they continue to ignore my request and emails is frustrating, especially when I truly did believe that the spell would work. It is such a shame that these people most likely never casted the spell and took my money and ran, while ignoring my emails regarding the status updates and then subsquently ignored my requests for a refund.

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