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This happened a while back but recently happened to a friend so i am putting this here in hope that it will help others. nIn September of 2002 I went to Eyeglass World in Savannah to get contacts. I had an eye exam and was given a trial pair. If all was well on followup visit in a week my contacts would be ordered. Price was $119.99 nDuring followup I was instructed that I was not seeing properly and that I had an astigmatism so I would need Toric lenses. This is even though I told the doctor i am seeing fine. This came at an additional cost of $129.99 nAfter another week followup i had problems with night light glare with the lenses so i was scheduled for another exam. The doctor then stated he made an error and that my original prescription was correct and contacts would be ready in a week. I was told to just go to the counter and they will take care of the rest. nAt this time i asked for a refund of money I paid as extra and was given $20. I then informed them that the extra I paid was $129.99. Was told there was nothing else they owed me then they asked me to leave and my contacts would be mailed to me. i refused to leave and police were called to escort me out. nNext day i get a call at home stating that a secret shopper was in the store and witnessed what happened and the district office would like to make it right. They did end up giving me any pair of glasses i wanted and 6 boxes of contacts. Yet I still want my $129.99 back. i have written several letters to the company but nothing till this day. nSo beware of using this company. Yes i did get my moneys worth but its the issue that they tried to upcharge me with items i didnt need. Their excuse is that the doctor..located in their building, not next door works independently and he made the error not them. So be sure to not use them and if you must be clear on what it is you want and pay with a credit card not cash like me. Credit card companies do value your business and will charge back if you are decieved. nAnthonynPooler, GeorgiaU.S.A.

Abercorn Street Savannah, Georgia U.S.A.

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