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Complaint: This is a reminder email about your past due with EZ Money Loans Inc. from a payday loan taken on July31, 2015. Our records indicate that you have an outstanding balance following non-payment of loan. Below is the information of your debt: Loan amount: $600.00 Total amount: $910.95 Outstanding balance: $645.82 If you fail to voluntary satisfy requirements for payment of your debt to EZ Money Loans Inc., we have to follow court procedure to enforced collection of the debt, which may entail additional expenses for you, for example, the expenses in the amount of state duty, the cost of representativeu2019s services for the proceedings, the compensatory interest for each day of delay, court fees and administrative charges. Wage garnishment will be enforced if we do not receive good faith payment until November 23, 2018. Collection proceedings may also hurt your credit rating. We registered online case with Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles. Please note down the reference number for the case as BC2446231. Please check below information to know further details. Name:AURORA LANDAU Loan Account # EZML142705948 This is either a scam or fraud! I live in Alaska, and I am being accused of taking out a payday loan in California. I have never taken out a payday loan, and I also had my identity stolen back in March of 2018.

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