ezpassnj glassboro new jersey


Complaint: First i do not have EZPASS, i pay my tolls cash between 90 cents to $1.65 depending on the exit i get off. i received a violation in the mail and tried to dispute it first by mail which want $3.00 for toll and $50.00 for violation. doesnt even match the toll of 90 cents on that day. all they wanted was money. tried to dispute online only choose was to pay the fine abd then i tried to call. the phone is only automatted, no way to talk to anyone. no way to prove i do not ahve easy pass and paid toll. again all they wanted is the money. this is the biggest scam i have seen in years.

Tags: False Toll Reporting, Fraud- Automotive, Toll Booth, Toll Evasion Scam

Address: trenton, new jersey United States

Website: ezpassnj.com/


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