Complaint: I have my own website I am working on slowly and I am not making money at the moment. I am non-paid unemployed and am trying to create employment. Facebook then send me a message saying my post is in violation and I disagree with them and I click to appeal because I REFUSE to admit my violation. I was posting to get the word out. And they unpublished my business page too! Therefore, Facebook is in violation of my freedom of speech! Facebook needs to stop abusing people! They need to be looked into and conduct a Federal investigation and be sued by me and many others. Facebook will have to cough up money or otherwise, hand over ownership to us so we can fire them and they will never find any career ever again. I am trying to get a business up and running. I am sick of people put me down and Facebook nailed it hardest so they will need to be suspended. And must write me an apology in email. They need to leave everyone alone including me. I am exploring to file suit starting this Monday (written this on Saturday evening). Facebook needs to stop being stupid!

Tags: Social Media

Address: 1 Hacker Way Menlo Park, California United States

Website: www.facebook.com/


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