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If you need anything on a timely basis, do not deal with this company! And do not expect a full refund if the company screws up! On December 30 we ordered a suitcase and paid for 2 day shipping as we were leaving the country for a month on January 8. When the suitcase had not arrived by January 5, we ordered from another website with two-day shipping and it arrived on January 7 in time for us to pack. On January 12, now out of the country, we received an email saying that it was being shipped by UPS and would be delivered on January 13. We immediately emailed FactoryOutletStore (we could not call as we did not have internaitonal calling where we were) and told them to contact UPS and tell them not to deliver the suitcase, as we would not be at home for a month and there would be no one to receive it; it would just sit outside. They did not call UPS and the package was delivered and sat outside our door. Fortunately, a neighbor became concerned and took it inside their home. We called FactoryOutlet immediately upon our return and told them to send us a shipping label for the suticase to be returned at their expense. They agreed to take back the item, but insisted on charging for the 2-day shipping, as well as the cost of our shipping the suitcase back. It is a very large suitcase. We explained that we had asked for 2 day shipping on December 30 when we ordered it and it was not shipped out for two weeks; and immediately upon receiving the notice, we emailed them not to have it delivered. This then began a series of lies from the manager. First she claimed that when they received the email from us it was too late for UPS not to deliver it becasue it was already out on the truck for delivery. This is false. UPS says that if they had called on January 12 when FactoryOutlet received our email, they could have had it sent back to them (but, of course, at their cost, why FactoryOutlet didn’t want to do this). Then the manager claimed that December 30 was a weekend so it couldn’t go out then. We told her that it was a Wednesday. Then she said that the order page says that it might be three days before the item ships out. It does not. There is no notrice anywhere to that effect. We asked her to show us where it says that and she could not. And three days, even after the weekend, would have been January 6. She then changed that to 3 to 5 days, then 3 to 5 business days. We explained that even at 5 business days (December 31, January 4,5,6, and 7) their own invoice shows that it did not go out until January 12 — 9 business days after it was ordered, or a total of two weeks. The end was that, after a string of lies, she refused to return the full amount of our order, including the shipping. So we have disputed the total amount with American Express and informed her that when we receive a shipping label that covers the cost of return shipping, we will sned the suitcase back. In the meantime, they receive no money and no suitcase. Their choice. If they do not claim it soon, we will sell it as we do not have room to store it.

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