FAMILY DOLLAR Indiana Review


Today I was fired after working at Family Dollar for less than 2 weeks. I simply went to work today,and was asked by the Mgr to come talk with her.When I went into the warehouse to see what she wanted,I sat down,and was told by both Mgr’s that were there,that I was not properly Recovering store items as they wanted them to be. I told them that I am very anal in Recovering and or Recapping the store and did not leave until that store had everything in it’s place and was clean and right down to making sure that the carts and carry all were sprayed down with Lysol,as the flu seemed to be going around and thought that the customer would appreciate that.I personally felt that they did not listen to me to defend myself,and talked over me when I was explaining how I did Recovering. On my first day on the job,I was told by the 2nd Mgr,that 1st Mgr,liked to have the Recovering done in a certain way,I even wrote this information down on paper so as not to forget. I was to start in a recover in one area and move on in a pattern,as a newly hired employee I did honestly forget to do the recover in Mgr’s style. While I was being fired,I told both Mgr’s that there is a employee,that is a cashiear,that is suspected of stealing merchindise from the store,I found this out on my 2nd or 3rd day. The 2 Mgr stated that she felt this employee was taking items and planting them in various parts of store and or in her locker and after clocking out for her shift, putting them into her purse, I asked 2nd Mgr,why she had not reported this with upper managment,she stated the girl was very good,regardless of that has a Mgr,she had the duty as Mgr,to report this suspicion to her higher ups and or to the AlertLine,which is posted in break room. So,I took it upon myself to call the AlertLine,as I strongly felt that this was unfair to us the other employee’s and also the consumer at large,as it makes prices higher. I called the DM and asked if I could be fired for doing this,and she stated OH NO,that is what you are supposed to do in this situation,I did not give DM my name. Upon,my interview,I was told by the main Mgr,that my interview was the best and she was looking for someone who had the desire to one day become the asst.mgr,and I told very much YES! I was hired the day after.I loved this job,the hours were perfect for me and my family,and also gave my family extra needed income. Very unfair has to what they did to me today,so much that it’s keeping me up right now. Could they have not,if they had felt that they did not like how I did the Recovering,pulled my aside and told me or better yet show me by walking to each part of store how the mgr wanted recover done. And another thing the 2nd mgr told me,was that everyday her and main mgr came into the store it looked a mess,and that items were not recoverd, or endcapped right.I told the mgr again and again,that I would walk around that entire store after we had closed and while the asst mgr and or the other mgr’s counted down my drawer,and to point out here my drawer was never under by more than .15 cents and never over by more than a few cents,because alot of customer’s will say Keep the Change,now getting back to the Recoving part of story,while the drawer count down was going on,I would walk the store aisle by aisle with duster in hand,putting items back that last minute custamers would misplace,and put them back and straighten the products ie food,toys everything so much that the labels faced directly even.And during my working hours,we are supposed to do recovering as well ,again I carried my duster and dusted shelves,and merchandise to keep them dust free,and again made sure things were in proper places,straightened,labels all facing the same direction to.So I do not get where they are geting that I did not do recoving every single night I worked? The main Mgr asked me,where did I start my recovery,I told her first I started out by the socks and baby items,then moved on to the place they kept the perfume,then on the the makup aisle,and then move around from there. I sometimes did get side tracked,and did not follow this method all the time,if I were in the baby section straigting out the diapers and baby wipes,that are by the clothes section and I saw clothes on the floor or misplaced I would put them back in their HOMES that is what Family Dollar calls items places they need to be. So let me ask you this. How can a person that has only been there around 7-8 days at most,get fired over not recovering to mgr’s way ???? Both mgr’s stated to me today that when they came in of the morning’s that the store was a mess,now I do not know how this can be ,unless small aliean men came in a messed it up,and as I stated earlier I would as they counted down my drawer for the night,I would look over the entire store and make sure all was in proper places and endcapped correctly. I cleaned everything I could,the outside,the counters, the carts,and cleaned empty shelves..Please someone Lawyer,worker’s right’s advocates,anyone please help me with this. I loved this job,was very happy with it and very devastated to be fired over such a mudane thing as not doing the Recovery exactly to the T. I want to state one more thing here,they have been known to retape medication boxes for resale. And another thing I can only think as to why they got rid of me today,is that I had a horriable cold,as I stated above that it was going around,and had fever,chills,etc etc, I called a few hours before my shift started,and said ya know what I will come in anyways.Then to be fired..I pray someone out there,,,tears starting here..that someone helps me with this,I do not know what to do,I am calling as many higher ups as I can tommorrow.If their are any lawyers or former employee’s here,please oh please respond with advice,,I want my job back..Thank You All…aka my family needs food”) Cont…This is another reason that I can only think of for being let go

is that I do not buy cigerettes by the box

I hand make them with a cigarette machine

and do always have the time to make a entire box before work

I have 6 yr old

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