Family Dollar Stores Inc. Statesville North Carolina


Complaint: I worked for Family Dollar from October 2010 until June 2012. I originally started as an assistant manager and was quickly promoted to store manager and moved to another store. My district manager was very nice at first and was in constant contact with me, apologizing for the nightmare I had inherited with my promotion. The store (Store #288, Statesville, NC) was a mess to say the least. I had one assistant manager that had a very limited availability and another that would report to work hung over and poor personal hygeine. The store had been left in the hands of the two ASM’s for months and the work was not being done. The stockroom was piled full of freight that had never been worked, I could barely walk through the stockroom. I knew with hard work and dedication, I could turn this store around. As store manager, I was required to work a minimum of 52 hours per week but with a very limited payroll budget, I was forced to work in excess of 70 hours per week. Most weeks I worked well over 80 hours. After I hired someone, suggested by my DM, to help purge the stockroom, unload trucks and stock, together we were able to get the store and stockroom under control. Once this started happening, my DM quit calling and answering my calls unless it was to her benefit. My DM would only communicate with me if she needed myself and the employee I had hired and trained successfully to travel to fix other stores that were in messes. As long as I did everything she (my DM) asked, everything was fine but the moment I asked for more payroll or asked that my workload be lessened, she became hostile and bitter toward me. When I asked not to have to travel anymore that I would prefer to stay in my own store, she forced me to anyway stating, “….I need you to do this

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Address: if I can’t count on you to do this for me then how can I count on you for anything else? I asked you and not another store manager because I knew I could count on you and you would make sure it got done….I knew I wouldn’t have to worry about it.”” Feeling defeated

Website: I was instructed that I was being given another assistant manager that had been in two weeks training at another store but I would have to keep the one causing the issue as well. When I told my Dm that this particular ASM was working against me she stated

Phone: I always did as I was told….I knew the consequences of saying “”NO””. I began having issues within my own store

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