Family/Friend Emergency


Reported receiving calls from this number.Saturday 10/29/16 at 9:30amCST my Dad received a phone call call saying that Kyle was in a car accident and that he need to call 515-421-9058 because Kyle needed $900.00 bail money to get out of jail. My Dad called that number and spoke to “Kyle” (which wasn’t his grandson actually named Kyle) and he said that he had a broken nose and that he was in a car accident and that the lady in the other car was pregnant and was taken to the hospital. Then they put another person on the phone who said they were “Police Officer” (which wasn’t true) and said that “Kyle” needed $900.00 bail money and that the money would be returned. My Dad hung up the phone and did not give out his information. Please inform the new’s media as my research on the Internet is showing this type of scam is spreading especially to the elderly…Thanks.

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