Fanatics Complaint


After placing an order last week and getting a confirmation of shipment with tracking information I still have not received a truthful answer from this company about my products. I can tell you that after 6 calls to Customer Service and Corporate and filing a complaint with the BBB I can only determine this company is a scam. They push advertisements online through various media outlets, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.; however, they don’t have the products they advertise for sale or available. Their online ordering service features products most likely manufactured overseas(China) and they can’t fulfill the demand for various products. This is why you will always get a shipping confirmation tracking number, but the products will never leave their distribution facility. You can’t ship what you don’t have. Customer Service will blame the “lost” package on transportation issues between the distribution center and FedEx. However, my investigation is Fanatics only requests shipping labels but never gets the packages to FedEx. If you complain they will suggest cancelling the order and reordering your products with expedited shipping. Sounds great until you end up waiting for that reordered package as well…never arrives. There are so many complaints about this company it isn’t even funny. If you do order products and want to return them for any reason you will pay a return fee “for each item” of $9.95. Now you know how they make their money…advertise products they don’t have, lie about lost packages that never left their distribution center, and charge outrageous return fees. Oh, and then they sit on your money for these bogus orders for weeks, possibly months until you get tired enough to request a refund. They bank on you giving up and letting go. Good luck if you ever order from this company. Starting filing complaints with the BBB, Fanatics will have to formally answer your complaints instead of generating passive canned responses they copy/paste to all their customer’s complaints online.

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