Fantasy Islands BBQ’s Ramona California Review


We went to the Del Mar, San Diego, home show in 2008, and purchased a large, outdoor fireplace that was a demo at the show. We had lost our home and all our contents to the CA Wildfires in Oct of ’07, so we did not have a place to put the fireplace until we rebuilt our home, which we have still not been able to do as we were so underinsured intentionally by our insurance company. nThe salesman said he felt so sorry for us, and that the company would be more than happy to keep our fireplace at the store in San Diego until we were ready to install it in our new home. We told them that it could take up to two years or more and that we would come and get it with our flatbed trailer and put it into storage. He insisted that they would keep it at the store at no charge for as long as it took us to rebuild our home. nWe gave him close to $3000 and paid for the unit in full. A few months ago we decided that we would go ahead and pick it up and put it into storage. The number has been disconnected, the store is gone, the factory phone is non operative and we are out our badly needed $3000 and/or our incredible ‘deal’ on a fireplace. nHow could they do this to someone who had already paid for a fireplace that was already in existence. They didn’t even have to make it for us and then go out of business…it was already right there in front of us. Why didn’t they call us and tell us they were going out of business and to come and pick up our fireplace. They STOLE our fireplace from us…and now we’ll never have the money to purchase another one. THIEVES. nNancynRamona, CaliforniaU.S.A.

7054 Miramar Road, San Diego, California 92121 Riverside, California U.S.A.

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