Farm Bureau Insurance of Tennessee Reviews & Complaints


Farm Bureau insurance company doesn”t take responsibility for their drivers actions and doesn”t pay claims. On November 3, 2006 my 2002 F-150 was legally parked at the parking lot of a country store. My husband was inside eating his breakfast. This 19 year old girl who is insured by Farm Bureau came around the corner and down the hill. She lost control of her 1999 Mazda Protege and slammed into the back of my parked F-150. She totaled her car and pushed my F150 8 feet. I have a big F150 that has a rear seat. I went and got 3 estimates and had my husband take them to the local Farm Bureau claims office. My husband was told that they weren”t going to pay my claim and that they weren”t responsible for hitting my truck. They wouldn”t take any of the estimates nor would they give me a denial letter. I had to request on at least 4 separate occasions for a denial letter and was told that they told me verbally. Finally after Farm Bureau was notified by my insurance company that they were handling it for me magically a denial letter was sent to me.It is my opinion that they were waiting to send the denial letter to see if I was going to hire an attorney on my own.I spoke with Farm Bureau”s district claims manager on Nov. 17, 2006 was told that hopefully all the witnesses of the accident had been interviewed . He advised me if their driver was at fault they would take care of my claim. As of today June 6, 2008 my claim still hasn”t been paid for by Farm Bureau. On Nov. 17, 2006 I was contacted by Farm Bureaus District Claims manager again and was told that they weren”t going to pay for my damages that their driver was put in an emergency situation so basically what they were saying was it was ok for their driver to hit my vehicle. The country store sits on a crossroad and Farm Bureau is trying to say that someone pulled out in front of her and caused her to hit my truck. What is very interesting is that I have 1 witness saying that it isn”t true and another witness who is an insurance agent for Farm Bureau saying that this man pulled right out in front of her and what their driver did was right to hit my truck. So it doesn”t take a rocket scientist to figure out who is lying in this mess. I advised Farm Bureau”s district claims manager that they hit my truck and they needed to pay my claim because they were responsible. The district claims manager started yelling at me telling me no they weren”t responsible. I told him that my insurance company said that they were at fault. The district claims manager screamed at me to tell my insurance company to Bring it on. I advised him that I would be contacting an attorney and his response was to Bring it on they had lawyers too. I handed the phone to my father who advised Farm Bureau that they needed to pay for my damages to my truck and if Farm Bureau wanted to try and go after someone else then that was their business. When my father got on the phone with the district claims manager his whole attitude changed he didn”t scream and yell at my dad. So I don”t know if he thought he could try and scare me because I was a woman but it sure didn”t work. It just made me want to tell everyone all about Farm Bureau. I have filed a complain with the state of Tennessee Insurance Board as well as a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I spoke with Farm Bureau yesterday and was transfered immediatly to their district claims manager who stated that they still wouldn”t pay for my damages. It is my opinion that Farm Bureaus insured driver was speeding and overreacted. Farm Bureau is bad news and shouldn”t be allowed to sell insurance in the state of Tennessee!!!

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