Farmer Seed and Nursery Wichita Falls Texas Review


I called to update my credit card information for an order I had placed. The first woman was not helpful to the point of rudeness. She obviously did not care for the company she worked for nor the customers who were trying to purchase their product. I called a second day to speak with the office manager who would handle purchases as the orders were ready to ship. Once again, hostile at my first request to see when my order would ship and what would be in the first order becuse all the plants would not ship at the same time. My order was not in the computer, nothing, not even my name. (almost like someone had wiped out my order) I was then transferred to processing who would gladly take a new order if I decided to do so. Still baffled at their treatment of customers I refused and asked if I could report the problem. I was given this address to Corporate. Once I looked on the internet I understood my experience. Out of 148 reviews 114 were negagtive. This is how Farmer Seed runs their business. My advice to Corporate, “Stop wasting money on sending out colorful catalogs of wonderful pictures of produce. Your staff isn’t in the selling business.”””

Bloomington, Illinois USA



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