Fast Growing Trees Delray Beach Florida Review


This company didn’t ‘intentionally rip me off but they were so negligent, I ended up losing money and had to go out and buy another gift. nHere is my story with Fast-Growing-Trees. n I purchased a couple of ‘Memorial’ trees from Fast-Growing-Trees. nOne ‘Memorial’ Tree I purchased for a family member who’s young daughter died – the tree wasndelivered DEAD on arrival. How outrageous! How insensitive! nHow can a company ship out a ‘memorial’ tree without taking the time to fully inspect the tree prior to shipping. Also the company advertises they ship within days but after you place the order, you find out the tree isn’t ‘ready to ship’ for weeks. So the ship within days advertising is misleading. nThe company is located in Charlotte, NC and so were my gift recipients! I thought what could go wrong they are in the same town! The lag time in deliver was so long, I have a hunch this company may simply take and process orders then they go ahead and purchases the trees from tree farms in other states. nThe company also has wording to give you the impression your tree is 100% guaranteed. This is not true. When I called up the company regarding the dead tree, I had to pay for ‘shipping’ and the shipping cost is half the total price. nCustomer Service instructed me to go back online and fill out a form, a problem arose when it came to the shipping address -only my address was shown on the account and not the address of my family member who received the original dead tree. I may have ordered and paid for the original tree but it was a gift and the third party address was not listed. I went ahead with the process but then immediately called the company to let them know their online system had an error in that it assumes the purchaser and ship address is the same then gives no option to add another address so the user must okay in order to process credit for another tree. Gina in customer service assured me that she would personally take care of it and make sure the replacement tree went to my relatives house -the original order address and not mine. We confirmed the correct ship to address on the phone. nTwo weeks a tree was delivered to my apartment. nGina’s ‘personal attention’ mean’s nothing. nGina was also the representative who I spoke to when placing the original order. This company must be small because, Gina also picked up the phone when I learned the tree was delivered dead. They give the impression they are a large company but the same person picks up the phone so it appears they don’t have many employees. nThey are not what they appear to be.n

4475 Morris Park Dr., Ste J, Charlotte,, North Carolina United States of America



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