Fast Logistics Corp Review


From my experience from Fast Logistics was a bad one. I started In Septemberof 2016. When I first got their I had a couple of days of orientation. The company introduced us to some of the drivers that becaome owner operators through Fast Logistics. I had to take a mandatory safty course from a 3rd party. At this place I noticed they had semis for sale, found one that Interested and talked to the president of my company nick named “Marco”. Marco asked I what I would ask for it. I said my price $10,000. The company where the semie was beging sold was asking $12,000. Marco said he would see what he could do. At that time I handed Him $300.00 dollars cash and told him when I could I would work on a deposit until I could rceive the truck. He aggreeed. As weeks went by I gave him two payments of $250.00 through paypal. A short time after that I was told he had the Semi and asked him what the total was. He told me with finance and th amount was $14,000. It seemed fair. I stepped Into the semi as a owner operator In mid November of 2016. On the second week I started to lose water slowly over a course of time. By the third week I lost 4 gallons of radiator fluid. I called up my company at that time asnd told them I can not run any more until I can fimd out what was wrong with the semi and possible get It fixed. I told Marco the situation and had found a frieghtliner shop In Joplin MO. He said take It their. After wating five days, freightlineer said that the problem was the liners around the pistons had shifted.. The onlything they said they did was a preasure test. They suggested a total rebuild on the engine. I asked for 3 estimats. one for the cost of what they had did and another for the cost of the rebuild called a reman. (Note) The break down was In mid Dember of 2016. The persident of Fast Logistics decided not to have the work down their In joplin and said his guys could do It up In chicago cheaper, but said I would be charged $1.500 for a tow from joplin to chicago. So It was towthe semi sat till mid feb until It got into a shop. It was not their shop but a shop where they had gotton one of two estamates. Those estamates that where taken only as done after a talk between me and the president on the subject of limon law and the fact that I didnt even drive the semi or have the semi In my posision for over 30 days. Fast Logistics would help finance the cost of the repairs, but they would not not pay for any of the parts or Labor. Sinece December until now the truck is supposidly still being worked on. The date today Is May 2017. A regular reman or rebuid on a freightlinner detroit 60 Is around 72 hrs. Ive searched on the net some say It can be done In one day. Ive been waiting 6 months for the truck to be fixed. I had to let go with a loss of over $6,000 invested. It seems to me that they are a revolving door and have drivers Invest to trucks that they never to pay off. Ive asked tosee the title at one time to see if my name was on It and Fast Logestics as the Lender, but they would not show me the title. The president at that time of discusion said he had handed many titles over after last payment was paid. Still at that time. They wouldnt show me the title. They will take payment In any form . Their pay roll sheets ,ight be one page but it does not show every thing In Detail

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