Fays Funky Furnishings Review


On 2/17/15 I saw an ad on a furniture group for a king size bedroom suit for sale, it was a used set. I replied to the ad that I was intrerested and was told to call by the business owner. A phone call was made to me, but I missed it. I called back later and we discussed me purchasing the set and having it painted by them, as this is what their business does specifically, paints and re-ups old or vintage/antique furniture. She told me to hurry because if I did not purchase before Friday that the set was going to the “store” because it was in their way in storage. On Thursday 2/19/15 I made a call and spoke to both business owners over the phone and paid $400.00 down for the bedroom suit, as well as the paint job, delivery of the furniture, and a brand new mattress they said they would order for me. The next day 2/20/15 they charged the remaining $1370. [continued below]…. .

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