Feather Farm Atlanta Georgia Review


Feather Farm Sucks! nThe Feather Farm sells parrots and parrot cages on ebay as well as through their online website called featherfarm.com. nWARNING! The Feather Farm sell’s cages on ebay that are deadly to parrots. nWhen the feather farm failed to send me my parrot cage, I attempted to contact the Feather Farm by email, But the Feather Farm never responded to my fruitless attempts. nThen I attempted numerous times to contact the feather farm by phone, leaving message after message but the feather farm again never responded. nAgain, I searched for more information about the Feather farm on yahoo and google and wasn’t surprised to learn that the feather farm has done this to other parrot and bird owners across america. nThe feather farm obviously sells cheap imported parrot cages imported from china. nThe feather farm also claim’s that they designed these cages after years of parrot breeding (ref: feather farms website, featherfarm) yet, every other person is selling the same imported cage on the internet. nThe feather farm also sells parrots and pretends to know a lot about parrots and birds but all that the feather farm knows – is how to rip people off and ignore their customers. nThe feather farm operates under several names on the internet. They operate under “thefeatherfarm”” on ebay and and under featherfarm on the internet. nThe people that run the feather farm could care less about their customers or parrots for that matter. nThe feather farm is only interested in a quick buck. The feather farm is more of a fly-by-night person than a real parrot cage dealer. nIt is ashame that the Feather Farm continues to go around selling cages that most parrots and parakeets will obviously die in but could care less. nThe Feather Farm will certainly sell you a parrot cage but when it come’s time to contact them regarding a problem or a question

The Feather Farm is gone. nIf you purchased a cage from the Feather Farm – you should certainly file a complaint with paypal as well as ebay and tell them that you don’t want a deadly parrot cage and ship the cage back to the feather farm and demand a full refund. nHopefully when you purchase a parrot cage – YOU WILL OVER LOOK THE FEATHER FARM on ebay! – the feather farm has numerous post up on the internet about their deadly cages and how the feather farm refused to stand behind their product. nThe feather farm should be banned from the internet and from the market place. Anyone that loves parrots should hate the Feather Farm! nThe Feather Farm is a parrots worst nightmare. nThe Feather Farm owners are

Arlyta and Jim Brown and the feather farm is locate in Napa

California. The people of napa sure got lucky when this bunch of crooks moved in and opened up the Feather Farm! nOn a final note.. The Feather Farm may have got my money and never sent my bird cage but the Feather Farm didn’t kill my parrot with their cheap China made cage! nThe last email that I received from the feather farm


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