Feature Films For Families Lyons Illinois Review


My husband ordered movies from this company many years ago, and our daughter enjoyed them. That was over 10 years ago, and she has since moved out on her own. We don’t have small children in our home anymore. nWhen the representative called, I explained this to him, and he assured me that the movies we would order would be movies that adults would enjoy, not just children’s movies. I agreed to order some movies; I was not happy with the pressure that ensued to have me buy more and more movies as the call progressed. nWhen the movies arrived I was extremely disappointed to discover that of the 20 movies sent, only 2 would be not be considered movies for young children. I was upset because I made it quite clear to the caller that I didn’t want this, and he sent them anyway. nI have just called today to cancel this order, and was told it would take about 6 weeks to process my refund. We’ll see how that goes, but will notify the credit card company just in case there is a problem later on down the line. nIf called again I will definitely ask to be taken off their call list, and will explain why in detail. nTerrinLyons, IllinoisU.S.A.

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