Federal trades commission


Recently open A FB Account, With Long time friend Bill Gonzalez, couple days later he said he received a money order for 80,200 dollars and that he had seen my name on it ,gave me telephone Number, they checked my info and said I qualified they asked for 1500 in 2 payment of $750.00 ea. mailgram, send it a Michael Shawn Clouser in Indianapolis, Indiana 46260,then $6000,more sent to accts one for 5000 dollars to acct OLUFEMI,MEDOWS, BANK OF America in Detroit, Michigan Acct #375010969400 for dollars 1500.00,second one to OLUWA TUMISE ASEBIOMO, Bank of America,Charlotte,North Carolina,,Acct #334038298717 in amt of 5,000 dollars, it looks like an scam for terroist

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