Feinberg Lending Group


We applied for a loan with Feinberg Lending Group and they then contacted us by e-mail and by phone to tell us that we are approved for a $5,000 loan. We were told that we need to pay collateral of $450 or 5 payments on the loan. We sent $450 expecting our loan to be deposited into our account, but we were told that our credit score had dropped so they needed another $450. Stupidly, we sent it. Then they say we had to purchase insurance for $400. That’s where we drew the line and told them that they either deposit our loan or refund our $900 immediately. They have not refunded us at this point, and sad I will receive it within 30 business days and it has been over 40 business day already. We tried to send them an e-mail but got an error message that the e-mail address is invalid. We then phoned them and got a message that the number is no longer in service. We now are certain that we have been scammed. Is there a way that we can ever get out $900 back?

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