Fence America of NJ Georgia Review


We made an order with Fence america of nj on may 2015. They told us our product was sent when it never was. We have asked for a refund on July 2015 and haven’t received nothing. It is now september 24, 2015. We have called and still are calling everyday for our refund. All they tell us is no one is available to get the check out. Or the person is not in the office to do so. This company has been avoiding our calls. Every time we ask for a manager (chris, erick) they are always in a meeting, out for lunch, or left the for the day already. We get put on hold for a real long times. Till they hang up. Or pass us to different people telling us the same thing. Fence America has taken advantage of us. It’s easy for them to take the money but not return it. They as well told us we weren’t never on file with them. And needed proof the money was taken out by the company. We sent them proof and still NOTHING. I am writing for my father as he sits next to me sick, and stressed over all of this. I blame this company for his health right now! He had a project to be done in June it is now the ending of September! He needs his 7,238 dollars back! This is so unfair! Please give us our refund back! We been waiting for too long.

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