Festiva Hospitality Group South Portland Maine Review


I feel I have been misled. One year ago, my wife and I attended a presentation at your Portland office. We found it interesting and wanted to look into it closer.My kids are getting to the age where we could utilize your services to travel. I like the idea of trading points to travel around the world.I quickly learned that the cost was too high for me to bear at that time. We continued to work with the new sales person assigned to us. As we reduced the package, one promising option stood out: The Adventure Nights package. We were particularly interested in the Rangeley resort offered as part of the package. Being from Maine, it was close by and easy to get too. We would be able to have a short little vacation but still remain close to home. On several occasions we talked with the sales person and explained what we were interested in. The package he put together for us was called the Travelers Club. This package offering enabled us to stay at a few predefined resorts on the east coast including one in Florida. The black two ring binders given to us even had Rangeley listed with detailed pictures included. This package was great but still did not offer access to the Rangeley resort that we were primarily interested in. To help make the sale and satisfy our needs, the sales man offered to add Adventure Nights to the package. This as he explained would give us the ability to stay for no less than two nights at a time at any resort provided there was available space at the resort we chose. He explained that booking the resort online would not be possible and that we would have to call u201cthemu201d for availability. he explained that we could book up to one month ahead of time but no earlier. The sales person name here] ensured us there would be no problems booking the resort of our choice.I first attempted to use the Adventure Nightu2019s package a little over a month after signing up. I was not able to reach the head sales person at that time. In August of this year, I attempted to contact South Portlandu2019s office by arriving during sign-up hours. Upon discovering that I was an u201cowneru201d, they told me I had to request a meeting with the office manager. They took my name and number and informed me the office manager would be in contact with me within a few working days. I never received the call. Ten days later I called the office explaining the situation which they had no knowledge of. They then went on to explain that I needed to call members service. At that point I was disgusted with the customer service in the Portland office. I called members service as they advised. On three separate calls no one I spoke with knew anything about u201cAdventure Nightsu201d and informed me I could only reserve at resorts that were listed on the website.After the third, call I did speak with a lady nice enough to research my account. She explained that I did have the Adventure Nights package, but the only available resorts were listed on the website.

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