Fidelity Security Vault


I was emailed by a lady who claimed to have chosen me as her beneficiary for two trunks with valuables totaling $25.5M
They were being held by Fidelity Security Vaulting Company in London. after weeks of emails I was informed the costs of shipping and taxes was 6,500pounds.
I explained I didn’t have anything like that available and she asked mr to borrow it. After many calls to me as well as emails, they shipped the two trunks to Philadelphia where I could pick them up for $5,000 in cash and sign a note for the balance. When I said I couldn’t get to Phili, they offered to have their official who traveled with the trunks bring them to their NYC office. At that point, i ran them for $39 through scam legal search and was told it was a absolute scam. They really had me going until they were already in the States and would take a reduced amount and a note for the balance. Official who traveled with the trunks phone # is 929 235 4231 and his nam is Samuel David.. I demand Catch them before they do it to someone else. Stay away

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