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Complaint: On June 25, 2011 I bought my 2011 Dodge Challenger 392, along with it I bought with it for about $400 the road hazard tire and wheel protection, which has a $5000 maximum lifetime payout. This warranty was supposed to protect my OEM $4000 wheels and tires from damages if caused by a road hazard, at the time I was not aware who Fidelity really was, or who they were backed by.In fact I actually thought they were part of the Fidelity Investment group of companies… (this is not true….I eventually learned)Fidelity Warranty is actually a division of a company called JMA Group out of Deerfield Beach, Florida. Along with this they also have a large group of companies all under the JMA parent organization.Jim Moran & Associates, Inc. Fidelity Warranty Services, Inc.Fidelity Insurance Agency, IncCourtesy Insurance Company Southeast Toyota Distributors, LLCWorld Omni Financial Corp.JM Service Center LLCand lastly JM LexusSo now that you know all about the company, in the event a dealer tries to sell you a warranty from any one of these companies… they are ALL THE SAME company. I agreed to : Coverage only occurs if its road hazard causes the damage. Not anywhere in the exclusions does it say that the tire or wheel has to be damaged beyond repair, and that they will drag me through the mud while submitted and trying to collect on a claim. The damage: Last November I hit a hunk of a brink in the road, and it popped up digging a chunk/slice out of the tire bead, and taking a ding out of the rim edge. Not horrible, but still none the less damage caused by a road hazard, and immediately pulled over and took pictures of the damage.I called the warranty company and asked them how to submit a claim, and was told to contact the dealer when the tire was failing to hold air…. I did not like their answer, but was like “whatever””. But choose to go along with their game. So I waited

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Address: and in the 2nd week of February 2011

Website: slow leak

Phone: the tire finally starts to lose air

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