Fierro’s Pizza


I called a few weeks ago and asked about the entrees. The very rude lady on the phone told me to look at the menu online on facebook. I told her i could not find the menu. She told me she was too busy to tell me about the entrees. I told her that it was bad customer service to not let me know. She could have called back when she had time. I told her i would be contacting the manager. I was very frustrated with this person, but not yelling or even raising my voice. I called again after a couple of weeks and they said i can no longer order from them. I told them i was disabled and had a hard time drivng and they still refused. That is very cold and heartless. I don’t have the time or the money to bring them to court. | I would understand if i was ranting and raving, but i can imagine what this lady told management about me so she would not get in trouble. | The food has never been that great, but it is the only thing around. The pizza does not taste good and is so greasy, that is why i asked about the entrees. Made my stomach sick the last time i ate their pizza. And their prices are wayyyy too high. | I wrote to them again on facebook asking to get this resolved and that i would be writing on here if they didn’t. I even also said if we got this resolved that i would be glad to take down the other bad reviews. They blocked me from writing to them again.

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