Financial Skyline


600 Anton Blvd Suite 1100, Costa Mesa, CA 92626: That is the address of Santon General Counsel Law Firm!!This company is not real, they send you letters in the mail to help consolidate your debt, but of course they need ALL of your personal and Bank information to do that first. The amount they were offering was too good to be true. Luckily, I did my homework thanks to the scam guidance of you try to look them up nothing comes up but their website. No Facebook page, no reviews, nothing and they claim to have been out for a long time.Also when I try to Google their name on different social media sites and search engines many other companies like Skyline Financial Credit Union or Skyline Home pop up but never "Financial Skyline".I’ve never heard of a company that has so called helped millions of people but has no trail of it or proof of it except for what is on the piece of paper they sent in the mail and/or on their website ONLY…The sad part is everything looks so up-to-date and legit too..Be aware of this company!?

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