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Complaint: On November 29, 2010 I took my BMW in for two new front tires. I asked: u201cif they also did alignments for BMWu2019su201du2026. Answer: u201cYesu201d I was told my car would be ready in an hour or so. Two hours later. I was told myu201cCamberu201d tow was dramatically off center on both front tires and needed to be adjusted straight before they could do the alignment. I paid an additional $100 for this procedure and it would take only another hour. After another two hours went by I looked around the corner to see what was taking so long and the mechanic had a drill and crow bar working under my hood! After another hour took my car home and immediately the warning sensor light for the u201cTraction Control and Stabilityu201d went on and my car lost all its power and shut down on the freeway. This progressively happen and now my car is completely undrivable. I went to the BMW shop, the lead mechanic looked it over and immediately found the problem. Firestone had drilled out and relocated two of the welded studs to the right tower, removed the third welded stub and relocated it with an American standard bolt, drilled out the balancing pin (still missing), bent the bar above the tower and stripped the connection from the strut mount to tower. Also, in the process of bending, drilling, stripping, and relocating all the stubs in the right tower they brook off the fuel injection rail to its support, and maybe more items unseen items have been damaged by Firestone? BTW: the left was never touchedu2026. I am told by certified BMW The local shop contacted me on February 25, 2001 and the Claims department called me on March 2. Claims said they needed to inspect the car and will call back in a week to set that up. I called them on March 14th, 2011u2026because I had not heard a word. They said they are trying to set that up and they just found today an inspector to inspect my car. I gave them the name of the manager and the name of the Certified BMW specialist shop to inspect my car on a lift, they have been waiting for his call. But, Firestone claims has yet to call them to set up the appointment, now March 15th, 2011. In the meantime I have no car! I highly recommend you NEVER take your car to Firestone or any of their affiliates. Any basic mechanic knows, you NEVER adjust the camber tow in a BMWu2026u2026

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Address: 24196 Laguna Hills Mall Laguna Hills, California United States of America


Phone: 949-581-4700

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