Firestone Tire Noneyobuisness Arkansas


Complaint: Do not trust this Firestone Tire. In almost every single instance, they have made up problems with our cars that don’t exist in an attempt to lure you into spending a lot of money there. We had one of our cars at a trusted mechanic who had checked the brakes just 1 week before taking our car to Firestone to have a tire repaired. The brakes were perfectly fine, but Firestone decided to try and say they were “in Horrible condition”” and needed to be immediately replaced. Obviously we didn’t believe them

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Address: but had the brakes checked out again by another trusted mechanic who said they’re perfectly fine. Another incident took place with our other car. We brought it to Firestone for another tire repair (under warranty)

Website: the car checked out fine. There was nothing wrong with it. So basically this Firestone basically makes up problems with cars to try and lure customers into spending ridiculous amounts of money. Any repairs done at Firestone also always seem to cost at least double what the parts cost. Ryroto Noneyobuisness

Phone: and they claimed that the ball bearings were so bad that the car was going to fail on the highway and that they needed to be replaced immediately

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