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Complaint: On 6/15/05, a friend took her 1995 honda accord to the above listed firestone to have an ABS light diagnosed. She was promptly informed that she needed a Master cylinder, ABS modulator, CV Axle and set of front struts to the tune of 2500+ dollars. She called me asking me if i could give her a second opinion. The estimate from firestone had 0 diagnostic information on it as far as codes pulled, or how they determined the ABS unit was shot(1200 dollars of the ticket). There was brake fluid everywhere by the modulator, however none by the fittings, bleeder valve or anywhere else the modulator would leak. It appeared to me that the fluid which was quite fresh had been intentionally spilled on the modulator to make it appear that it was leaking. I pulled the codes and bled the modulator, after which i was unable to get the light to come on. Several abs stops and no light. While driving the car, it was quite clear they had diagnosed NOTHING. The only thing that I agree with them about is that the brake master cylinder does need to be replaced, which I am doing for much less than firestones $600 estimate, which was more expensive than the dealership($341). The struts were a little soft, however they were not in absolute need of replacement by any means. The car handles fine, no noises over bumps aside from what you will get with a 10 year old car. The axle has no visible signs of needing replacement, no torn boots, no noises, no damage to the ABS speed sensor exciter ring or any other kind of damage. As stated in the Colorado Motor Vehicle Repair Act (CRS 4-9-101) 42-9-111. Prohibited acts. (1) No motor vehicle repair garage or any employee or contract laborer of such garage shall knowingly: (b) Represent that repairs are necessary when such is not a fact; In effect, Firestone has committed fraud, and falling deep into deceptive trade practices. As for my own relevant credentials in the automotive repair industry, I carry the following certifications and experience. ASE Certified – Brakes, Suspension and steering, Bendix Certified in Hydraulic and Air Brake and ABS systems Nissin Certified in Hydraulic Brake and ABS systems ACDelco certified in ABS Systems Mopar Certified in PL/PL2 ABS/Brake systems 2 years building GT1, GT2, GTS, ALMS, and Speedvision World Challenge Race cars, 6 years as a Brake Technician, Shop Foreman, Center Manager for Just Brakes. I am not involved with either company and am gaining nothing by this. I am performing the work on my friends car and rather in shock by what firestone tried. I know that as unfortunate as it is it happens and it makes every honest shop out there look just as bad as it makes the dishonest ones look. E Thornton, ColoradoU.S.A.

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