I had a horrible experience with Greg Lara, founder of Fitness Dynamics. I expressed interest in purchasing a used Kaiser Functional Trainer from him through his web site and he started hounding me about purchasing the unit. He called me several times a week, including several Saturdays and Sundays. I finally agreed to purchase the unit from him. He demanded cash upfront and wanted a cashier’s check. The check was sent and he promised that I would get an email from the shipping company with further instructions over the following weekend. When I didn’t get an email that Sunday, I sent him an email asking if the shipment process has been started. He said that he’s in the process of taking care of it. I didn’t receive the email and again emailed him the following Monday inquiring about the progress. I followed the email with a phone call. This is where the night mare started. He became very angry and abrupt! He told me to stop calling him and accused me of a being”very bad customer”. He told me that he is so upset that he might not send the item and keep the money anyway. He insisted that I needed to apologize for bothering and harassing him! I was shocked and felt trapped because he had my money and the product was not shipped. Greg Lara is a bully and a creep. After this unbelievable conversation with him I realized that I made a big mistake dealing with him and would strongly advise everyone against purchasing anything from this man!

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