Flagstar Bank Oshkosh Wisconsin


Complaint: It all started while my husband was deployed 1/13/2009-1/23/2010we sent in Power of Attorney documents, a letter of authorizationseveral timesbecause it was a VA loan I could not be on the mortgagemy husband took time out while he was in Iraq to fax over once again a letter of authorizationthen we sent in power of attorney about 5 times and to this date they still say they have nothing In December of 2009 we never received a check for our taxesit was December 26thso I called and asked them about it and they refused to talk to me and I told the lady that it is against the law to not have our check here before the 31st so that we can pay our taxes so I suggested she tell me what the hell was going on or I would pursue other actionsso she told me that they had automatically sent our payment to the city of Oshkosh.I askedthe whole amount or just the property tax amount. She told me the whole amount which was $1000 more than usual because our sidewalks were redone and our recycling bin was added on there so our account went $1000 in to the negativeI asked her why we werent given the option to pay the extra 1000 quarterly (250 every 3 months)she said that we were sent a letter stating that they would automatically pay our taxeswhich mysteriously we never receivedso then I questioned whether or not they looked at what was actually taxes and what was not and she said they only look at the total amount not the itemized portion which clearly states sidewalk and recycle binNOT property taxes in which that was what we agreed to for an escrownot for everything else to be paidso with that our escrow went 1000 into negative and our payments went from 676 to 888we have two small children and one incomeI am now a full time 40 hour a week student we could not afford the extra 200+ per month so we were paying what we could affordlittle did I know they dont accept partial paymentsso it was going against usbut instead of sending the money back they kept itI had them apply it to make a payment because all in all its our money not theirsso they didwe fell behind again and are now facing foreclosurewe have been served with a packet and a mediation optionwe have contacted a HUD agency and are gathering all the information we need for them to help us we can hardly afford to live with all of the expenses we have and we dont want to lose our houseI have 5 months left of school and then I can get a jobI dont know what to doall I know is flagstar bank needs to check themselves because they do not help their customers they only try to find everyway to screw them over and take their moneyWE NEED HELP!!!

Tags: Homeowner Associations

Address: 5151 Corporate Drive Troy, Michigan United States of America

Website: www.flagstar.com/

Phone: 800-945-7700

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