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Complaint: I bought a 1970 Mach 1 represented by the video Tony Flemings starred in himself. He made all of the BS remarks about how the car was restored to SHOW QUALITY. All new lights/ trim, etc. How many lies can a person make and sleep at night? He gave an appraisal that was never seen by the alledged appraiser, or he has him on his bank account?? DO NOT buy from Flemings!!! Do not fall for the false advertising. These cars are restored by amatures. The car I bought stated Restored to Show Quality on the appraisal. I drove it 2 times and IT BROKE DOWN. I didnt put 15 miles on the darn car. I then had an inspection and appraisal done. The value was not even close to Flemings. Several parts in the rear frame were NOT welded together. UNSAFE I think so. The passenger door did not even unlock. I tried to return the car and get the 66 mustang I traded in back. Empty promises. Flemings says he will charge a 15% RESTOCKING fee………..huh? I even said I would take the loss and give 7% lesser value than sale price. I just wanted to return the unsafe car that broke down. NO NO NO. “that is our standard policy”” what policy? There is nothing I have seen in writing on 15% restocking? BAD Business and Unethical Practice. This is just step 1. I will obviously have to go a MUCH different plan now. DO NOT BUY”

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Address: 1400 Rockville Pike, Rockville Md Rockville, Maryland United States of America

Website: www.flemingsultimategarage.com/

Phone: 301-816-1000

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