Flip-flop Elvin Diggs


He is such a sack of s***. This man sold me and many other woman lies. I dated this man for a few months until I found out I was being played by him. I meet him at a gas station. He is married he owns nothing of his own, his wife owns a business, she has a nice job, house. He owns absolutely nothing. He rides in her 750Li BMW with her, if you see him in it he’s stolen it without her knowing. I spoke to her once a year ago and here is how the conversation went. I told her that I was seeing her husband. Her reply was oh you’re only #6 I was floored. She said look save the details. I know he’s a cheater I don’t want him but I can’t get him out of my house. I’ve told him to leave several times but he doesn’t. He threatens her that he’s going to kill her and stalk her. She told me he had gotten a Hispanic girl pregnant 2 months before they got married. He said the child wasn’t his and he lied about it even after the blood test saying he was the father. He still said the child wasn’ t his. She said she surely married a zero. She said he even beat himself up with his own fist and left knots all over himself just to try and make his wife believe that his mind tell him to do stupid things. Can you believe that? Oh, his pickup spot is also the racetrack. He loves motorcycles I’ve even meet him there several times when his wife wouldn’t go with him. This man is pure evil. He told me to come over once to have sex with him in his wife house. He is so full of himself and he pretends he has so much but he has nothing. He lives off of his wife. He is loud, ignorant, stupid, dropout, explosive temper for no reason. He goes from 0-100 in 1 sec he is truly crazy. He has bad breathe and he things he’s a good lover but he is not. He’s very bad at oral sex he doesn’t have a clue. His behind always smell like he hasn’t wiped. Stay away from this man or run the other way he’ll just feed you lies and never give you a dime because he has none to give. He’s broke with nothing. He lives in Belle Rose, Louisiana with his wife. Call to report him her business # is 225-717-5655. He is a real jerk.

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