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Complaint: In the beginning of November sometime I saw an ad to get a free dog bed just pay expedited shipping 6 to 9 days it said. I got the conformation email. I know I did because I showed it to my husband. I order a lot so yes for a while I forgot I had ordered it. When I remembered I went and searched for the email but it was gone….. So I went to the website…. The person was so flipping rude it isnt funny. Told me to calm down it wasnt that serious. I didnt have an attitude I just said I had just read all these bad reviews on the internet. Anyway the person on there was not helpful at all but did take a screenshot which gave me the email address on file. They took the first letter off of my email addresss,(If I would have made a mistake the H would have been capital. It was lower case so they backspaced and thought I wouldnt notice. I always always double check my information and have never once put the wrong email in. Anyway I ended up getting my order number and email… So then I had to go look up the order to see there was never any tracking put in. It had just said completed. I never recieved a product how was it completed? So then I had to go back to chat, because I guess the customer service person couldnt give me the information I said well since I never got a product and there was never any tracking can I got a refund. My order right now says refunded. That is funny because my bank account hasnt seen the money and it was refunded on December 3rd, 2017. I didnt know it takes a month to get a refund. So they are scammers. They are getting all these free 5 dollars because if you dont notice that email disappears and just forget you lose that money.

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