Floor and Decor Santa Fe Texas Review


An hour after I purchased tile, customer changer their minds, so had to return tiles due to floor and decor now not having what my customer is requesting. …. I used my pin debit card to purchase, money on this job is budgeted tight and time is of the essence. So when I returned she proceeds to tell me it will refund into my account 3-7 buisness days. Now in this day and age we are in, I know with in a bout an hour that can be reloaded to my account. I have card services too with my business….. but they want to take 3-7 days to refund? How much interest are they gaining for 7 freaking days?!? Now my business is delayed due to this dinosaur way of refunding. This is obsurd and a joke. These people are gaining interest off money that’s not even theirs. Talk about a pathetic business. Greed…. greed… greed. Your a freaking tile supplier (not a good one at that) not a freaking bank!

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