Flora Mae Salve California California


My husband was having an affair with this home wrecker from the casino that they work at. When I confronted them, they both apologized but she’s still going after him. She’s crying at work – telling people that her heart is broken because my husband called her to end their affair. She’s not even ashamed that people know. My soon-to-be-ex-husband has changed his phone number three times and each time, she illegally got a hold of company information to get his phone number. As a way to prove something to me, he has requested a restraining order. So now my husband has to change his work hours so that they aren’t at work during the same time frame. I have been receiving text messages and emails from random numbers and addresses, threatening me. I’m pretty sure it’s her. Up until recently, she was engaged to a man who took her in, helped pay off her gambling debts, and bought her everything she has. || Her tricks include: needing a shoulder to lean on because her fiance/boyfriend”treats her like sh*t,” has multiple Google voice phone numbers and email accounts, always wants to”carpool”, she”can’t” have children so she wants a man who already has children because she”adores” kids || Ladies, remember this face and be cautious around her.

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