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Complaint: In 2005 Hurricane Wilma came through South Florida we made our claim for damages to our insurance Florida Preferred Insurance had Keith Thomas from Integrity Adjusters came out inspected our home. While in our home he made a comment to us not to mention the water was blown in through windows and we had water leaking down onto our carpet because he said it would be a flood claim. Shingles were blown off our roof during the storm because we picked them up from several neighbors yards including ours. They paid us for some damages however we didn’t receive anything for mold, our policy allows at least $10,000 property limit of liability for the additional coverage each loss $10,000 Fungi, wet or dry rot, or bacteria, $50,000 sublimit of liability for fungi, wet or dry rot or bacteria. We had to make another claim because they under estimated our roof size and were paid. We decided to hire Garfinkel Trial Group to get additional money because we truly know that not enough was given to fix our home. Our insurance company declared bankruptcy. FIGA (Florida Insurance Guaranty Association)took over they hired Morgan Albite P.A. in Coral Gables Florida. We went to hearing on July 20, 2010 with no attorney and Judge Eileen O’Connor said she needs a report about mold in our home. We had report done by Bioclean Pro Mr. Rick Garrido he even took pictures. He’s willing to testify that mold in present in our home. We went to hearing again on Oct. 11, 2010 however prior to we filed over 50 pages Oct. 5, 2010 Mr. Donald Williams was told it would be in file. When in Court Judge Eileen O’Connor had not one page in front of her because things are backed up and they had not started working on October documents to be kept on file. She was asking us for papers and we’re sitting there wondering whats wrong with her then she stated I’ve taken to much time on this case and i have no choice but to rule in defendants favor. All she saw was one page we gave to her from our records on the mold report. The report was 17 pages plus mold samples & receipts and 14 pages plus 2 pages air sample along with Don statement and Belinda signed & notarized. Our attorneys got off case when they got scared of being sued for a fraud case. We had to be our own prosecution because after Mr. B. Joel Anidjar talked to FIGA they told him our attorney got off case after that no one would take our case. We filed Motion for Hearing October 11, 2010 and Judge Eileen O’Connor denied October 14, 2010. She’s for big corporation do not vote for her in election shes prejudice. We took copies of document to her JP and she had clear evidence for a new hearing after she has reviewed papers but didn’t do. Now we are in process of filing an appeal. Judge Eileen O’Connor should be investigated for her rulings concerning all her cases. I wonder how many people didn’t get paid for mold when clearly the policy has for us get claim. Class action should be brought against Insurance Company. Investigations and new inspections should be done to determine a Class action lawsuit. The attorney for Morgan Albite P.A. keeps arguing a contract that was broken when our insurance declared bankruptcy.

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