Florida Sales Associate & Broker Review


I am a real estate agent in Florida. It was time to renew my license so I signed up for a 45 hour CE course with www.floridacecourse.com. The website and workflow of the overall course is atrocious. It would be near to impossoble to pass a reasonable exam with the tools this company is providing. It took me 5 minutes form signing up to contact them and request a refund. About a day later I got a response with a screenshot of their “rules and regulations” showing a highlighted line item reading: “no refunds”. Not only is it utterly classless and inconsiderate to respond to someone in such an indifferent manner, it shows a complete diregard for the students signing up to take these courses. I encourage you to stay away from this company. In fact, I’ve already signed up for the same course through McKissock. The course is a little more expensive, but well worth it. Avoid Floridacecourse.com at all costs.

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