Florida State Disbursement Unit.


The State of Florida Disbursement Unit are a complete nightmare! They claim to direct deposit my payment into “my account” a week later they were still telling me that it was no rejected and that I need to contact my bank. After contacting every bank that I have ever dealt with since 2012 and confirming none have received my deposit I went right back to the Disbursement Unit. | They claim that I provided them a direct deposit form and they sent the money to that account and that they can not give me the name of the bank or the account number to locate the funds although they claim it is my account. I have been calling them up to 10 times a day requesting to escalate the issue to management for the horrible customer service they provide to be told either managers are not working on that specific day or that managers will not speak to me because it is none of their concern. | I had to go as far as to put in a Complaint against them with the governors office in order to stop future payments from going to that account because they would not even do that. Simply telling me that if I dont receive the payments its my fault because I provided the information, which they will not give me. The only thing they will do is confirm the account number if I provided it and they already confirmed that none of my accounts matched the one they sent the funds to. | It has gotten to the point that the Unit is on a first name basis with me and already know who I am when I call in. After arguing and calling repeatedly, I spoke to a pissed off manager who insisted this situation was my own fault for providing them incorrect information, when I told her everything I have been doing for the past two weeks attempting to locate the payment and still have not recieved it she told me “you know what, I am going to fax you a copy of the direct deposit form that you sent us, so you can see for yourself this is your fault.” She faxed me the application, the voided check and a copy of the envelope that it came in. The application was in my hand writting but the envelope was in a complelty different handwriting. The first look at the check and it is 100% fraudulant (They confirmed that they do have a copy of my acutal check with the correct account on it). You can see where there are lines drawn in, the account numbers were changed, the font in certain places is uneven and does not match. When you do a side by side of the real check and the one they swear I submitted it is a completley fake check! | I have been going at them til I am blue in the face and they refuse to rectify the situation because even those I advised that was a fraud check, and requested to file a missapplied funds report with them, they are insisting that it is out of their hands. They sent the money to this account, the bank accepted it and therefore it my responsibility to get the funds redirected to me. Even though I am not the owner of the account. | I have since contacted the bank who confirmed they received the funds in my name and deposited them to the accounty listed on the date in question but that the sender would have to file a dispute. Now I am assed out becuase the disbursement unit wants to do nothing. Child support unfortunately can not do anything because they do not handle disbursements. So I now I am screwed out of the money that was meant to pay my childs daycare. | Everyone at the disbursement unit should be fired, the state needs to take over and clean house because they are complelty irresponsible there.

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