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Please read it and ignore all email Ads from Florida Travel Bureau, and don’t contract with Florida Travel Bureau. nI’m a customer of Florida Travel Bureau. I contracted with Florida Travel Bureau on August 8, 2007. nI paid $558 by my credit card and Florida Travel Bureau sent a package by mail. It said that I need to pay $ 758 for Port fee and reservation processing fee additionally. nAccording to the agency’s instruction, on May 13,2008, I paid the additional cost by my checks to Coral Beach Travel Bureau (CBT) that had never contacted me without any doubt. On May 23, I realized that CBT cashed my money on May 20. nI called Florida Travel to check it out. However, Florida travel bureau said that CBT is out of business. Suddenly, Florida travel bureau started to call me CBT’s customer. Then, Florida Travel Bureau has kept denying to give an original package or refund saying CBT’s out-of- business. nCBT has never contacted with me by emails, mails, or phone and I’ve never contacted with CBT until now. I always have contacted with Florida Travel Bureau. nLike Stacy (president of Florida Travel Bureau) said to me, if I am a CBT’s customer, how could it be possible? Florida travel bureau even provided a letter with a CBT mark, but the contact number is Florida Travel Bureau. nFlorida Travel Bureau’s advertisement says that Florida Travel Bureau will offer Radisson and Sheraton hotel and Cruise for 14 days by $249 person, but it is not. You can still find a similar ad at www.sunshinetravelbureau.com which is one of Florida Travel Bureau’s homepage. Please, don’t take it. nStacy said that it was a CBT advertisement, but I’ve never seen CBT’s advertisement. I still have Florida travel bureau’s email ads saying the package. nInstead of the original package, they offered new package without cruise for 11 days which is not that bad and I checked my reservations by calling hotels. To make matters worse, the hotels have my name, but I heard that I need to participate in every presention, which is also called timeshare. nAs a result, I’ve never confirmed my reservations with Florida Travel Bureau and complained, but Stacy just email me to say that she will regard my complaint email as confirmation action. Moreover, Joe (manager of Florida Travel Bureau) left voice mail that there is not any additional charge, but there are hotel taxes of $12 dollars per night. nFlorida Travel Bureau told me that I can’t cancel the reservation in any reason. If I would like to cancel the reservations, I need to get another new package which I need to pay $ 758 again to enjoy a trip. nFlorida Travel Bureau promised me that Florida Travel Bureau assists me in any cases through email of May 20 when my money cashed with CBT’s name.nLater, they have persisted that they can’t give money back or the original package because I’m a CBT’s customer and CBT is out of business. nToday, I called Stacy and she unconsciously said that she has receipts of certificates with my signature, which I sent to CBT to pay money ($758). It’s impossible because she has said that she didn’t get any money and certificates from CBT. It’s a fraud and scam. nI also realized that she was Joe through her saying about what happened between her and me, when I called the agency to check it out. It was May 23. I talked with Joe and Lee (Managers). nHowever, she denied it and she said her name was Stacy. Now, I think the person who I have talked with was Joe, not Stacy. Florida Travel Bureau never gave me to talk with their president. nThere was nothing to believe Florida Travel Bureau. As a foreigner, I hope that you understand my bad English. nanonymousnWynnewood, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.

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