Florist Concierge Plymouth Minnesota Review


I called information (1-800-555-1212) on February 13th seeking the phone number for Schaumburg Florist in Schaumburg Illinois and was connected to these folks. They misrepresented to me on the phone that were in Schaumburg after I questioned them as to their confusion as to my mothers building blocks from their location. As you can imagine, they never delivered the flowers on Valentine’s, did not deliver them on the 15th and I have been unsuccessful getting anyone to answer the phone for a credit. When I try to call 1-800-650-5058, it is answered by an automatic answering machine, getting put on holds for over 15 minutes with no human intervention. When someone did pick up the line I mentioned I had a complaint seeking a refund for undelivered flowers, I was immediately put back on hold and no answer.

Orlando, Florida USA



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