Flying Tiger Chinese Restaurant Windsor Ontario


Complaint: I just ordered Chinese Food from Flying Tiger Restaurant. It seriously took 1.5 hours to deliver it. A twenty minute drive took 1 Hour and 10 extra minutes for some unknown reason. Some of my Food was cold. It’s not only that however, I mean if your food is promised in 45 minutes, it should be there in 45 minutes. You shouldn’t be told that the driver is on his way by someone who barely has a grasp of the English language. If the woman hadn’t told us that we were the only delivery at that time, I don’t think I would’ve had a problem. If the driver had been someone who was courteous and appologetic, I know I would have been understanding. I’m more than disappointed in the service. Most restaurant owners are professional business people, who understand that they are both providing a service and a product to their customers. Flying Tiger, provided a substandard product and offered no real service. I’m trying to save people time and their money. Avoid this restaurant and tell your friends. You’ll thank yourself in the long run. Coldfood Windsor, OntarioCanada

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Address: University Street Windsor, Ontario Canada



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