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I heard of this service and I was wondering if it is worth it. They charge very hefty fees for their service. I will try to make a review of the Flystein scam. Scam is not a harsh word when it comes to Flystein, because their service does not deliver what they promise, they make you waste time, and time when it comes to booking the cheapest flights, time means money. Well, the “expert” they assigned me to wound up finding the exact same flight I myself had found previously, for $ 992, PLUS TAXES AND FEES. When I replied that I had hoped for better as this was the exact same flight I found myself after five minutes, Flystein didn´t reply. Now also the so called Flystein expert also has stopped responding. Like most s*ckers I guess they get, I was intrigued by the claim of “books full of tricks” and “insider secrets” to “make flights cheaper.” Now I’m annoyed that I paid $ 299 for this “expert” to find a flight I already found myself, and I am hardly a flight expert. If you read also on reddit there are thousands of scam complainst about Flystein, they have a terrible reputation all over the internet, Later i emailed the apparent founder of the website Flystein. He did his search and from what he told me, the guy who didn´t have a clue who was my “expert” could not work out that if i gave only one date on my request, that means its a ONE WAY request. I guess u need another kind of expertise to understand that, which is common sense. Over and over again I found cheaper fares and better flights much more easily on my own than what Flystein claimed to find for me. I’ve heard the same for others, as you can easily find more reviews saying the same things: Flystein has a terrible reputation online. Another downside of Flystein is the ridiculous number of insistent emails many of the so called experts send you, demanding that you quickly accept their high price. It is all false advertisment from their part. So the short of it, do not rely on these guys because you may be left hanging while the fares you found are gone too, like in my case. So be careful if you don’t have much time or if you see a good fare, just grab it, instead waiting for 2 days for these guys only to get an email back or no response at all, after they took your money. .

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