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If you have been a victim of this scam, I welcome your feedback. I have been scammed here in MI and have collected mass amounts of data, not only on Joe Langler, but also for those who helped him with the scam. A class action law suit has been discussed despite the fact that it has been rumored that Joe has committed suicide. Everyone else involved will be pursued to the fullest extent. As you can attest, it’s hard to trust anything in this case due to the deceit involved. For those willing to prove how, when, where, and to what extent they were scammed as well, I will provide you with all of the detailed information I have to support this case. We need you for our potential class action lawsuit and currently I only have 3 other legitimized “distributors”” who have been victim to this. Please contact me at mcwb133 at g mail dot com. We may not ever get our money back but we still have the opportunity to take down those who were responsible for recommending this scam and providing false testimony. Thank you in advance.”

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