FoodMaxx Fresno California Review


Do not shope at FoodMaxx unless you are prepare to be harrasse by their security Guard. I am a business owner, making 6 figure income, but when I shop at Food Maxx, I still get harrase and follow around like I going to steal. July 22, 2013 about 8:00pm. After my hour at the Gym, My wife call and told me to bring her a Peanut Butter. On my way home I stop at the Food Maxx Store at Kings Canyon Rd and Willow Ave. Fresno, CA 93727. I wearing a white short a polo shirt and a sandor. I went into the store and pick up a can of Creammy Peanut Butter, waite on a very long line. Finnally when getting close the lady in front of me let me go first, because i have only one item with me. I paid for the can of peanut butter and walk out the door. I do not use a bag, because i thought it was not necessary. I walk to my car and when I about drive off, 2 big man blocking my car and start to ponding my car and talk very loud.. I was shock, Thought I was about to getting Rob. I open my car’s window and say how I can help you.. One of the man pull out his batch and yell at me.. He said, He needs to take me in.. I ask him, say what ? are your serious. He respond yes, He continue to say I have been following you throught out the store and you toke something that you did not pay for. I respond waite a minute.. I have the reciept. He say not you don’t… Show it then. I pull out the reciept and give to the man.. He look over and give to his parthner and he look over the reciept. They give me back the reciept and them walk away…. What the Security guard shall have done is ask me professionally for my receipt before he start to ponding my car and accused me that he has follow me in the store and saw I toke the Butter without pay.

4970 E. Kings Canyon Rd. Fresno, California USA


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