?I ?was an employee for a work at home company, as shipping clerk. It was a scam I was never paid my salary.I worked liked I was supposed to, signed a contract explaining my payroll and my everyday duties which was receiving packages,?inspecting them, and sending them using different couriers. I signed the contract 0?9?-?24?-2015, and? they were supposed to pay me $25000 by ?11-01-15.Today is ?Nov, 12th and ?they haven’t paid me anything for my month of work, they don’t reply my e-mails, and their phone is disconnected. I’m in desperate need of my payroll I have proof of my duties performed in email, contract and pictures.the company name is and you might receive a call from Samuel Emerson, and the manager would be Linda Jones. be aware! It’s a Scam! they are the worst.they did it to me, and no one can do anything, so I hope you read this before they contact you, so you know who they are and what to expect.

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