Fountain Fixer – Gordon Rose – Bethanie Warner-Rose Scottsdale Arizona Review


The website is actually owned by Fountain Source which is at nThe owners use three different company names to pull their bait & switch tactics. nProblem: Gordon will tell you whatever you want to hear. He will lie to your face to get the job. He will brag about all of these jobs that he has done….that he truly has NOT done. nGordon will basically do and say whatever in the world he can to get your project, then in a minute he turns everything over to a sub-contractor that he does not even know, has not even researched and then he is gone….. nReseal after reseal on our fountain and it still leaks and causes problems. You call Gordon back and he says that he was only the designer and that we need to contact the company that did the work. nWe say that “we hired you”” and you hired someone else without talking to us. His reply is that he did not do the work and found us someone that could

take it up with them. nThen his wife Bethanie steps in and tries to act like everything will be ok….she talks soft and polite until you press her then she becomes a normal customer service monster like everyone else. nVery poorly run operation and they tell you about all of the projects….well a little research shows that they never have any projects where they are actually doing the work….they FARM everything out and collect the checks…they take NO responsibility accept to cash your check and get as much of your money as they can before you realize what is going on…. nHorrible experience after experience…..we finally told then keep our money and stay away from our home. nPaula & JimnScottsdale


1310 E Southern Ave Mesa, Arizona U.S.A.


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