Four Seasons Nurseries Division of Plantron, Inc Review


I ordered plants from the Four Seasons catlaog on 03/18/15. My order totaled $182.97. Approximately 3 weeks later, I received partial shipment 2 of 3. I received package 3 of 3 around April 26th. I contacted the company numerous times concerning package 1 of 3, which contained the vast majority of the plants. Each time, I was told a different story as to why I had not received the remainder of my order. On April 25th, I emailed a request to cancel the order. i received a reply that the cancellation would take 1 to 2 weeks to process. When the refund had not been provided in over 3 weeks, I emailed the company on 05/19/15 and asked for a status. There was no response from the company. On 05/28/15, I called to inquire about the cancellation/refund. One agent said ‘the refund was being processed”. When I advised her that I requested the refund a month ago, we mysteriously got cut off. I called back and requested a Manager. I explained my issue and was placed on hold in excess of 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, the manager said he would call me back because he was trying to get information from the shipping department in Minnesota. On June 8, 2015, I received an email that they were crediting my credit card $111.47. I had provided a list of that plants that I had not received, and the total that should have been refunded was $126.22. They stated that they sent cetain plnats that they did not and tried to use the ploy that I now undertand to be very common with them: ” Provide us with your shipping label”. What good would that do if they thought they put certain plants in the package when in fact they included something else.

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