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FourThought Private Wealth – Late to Meetings

My experience with FourThought Private Wealth has been horrible. Those people never listen to any client feedback no matter how many times you tell them. Whether itís the fault of the support staff or the leadership, itís the client who suffers the most because of it. I donít recommend working with these people. 

FourThought Private Wealth looks fantastic on paper. They have a team of qualified and experienced professionals that can convince anyone into choosing them. However, these people have no respect for their clients. They are a fraud. These people claim to care about their clients but thatís all lies. I have been working with them for quite some time and my experience with them has only been horrible. Itís clear that FourThought Private Wealth has too many arrogant people working there. 

Either their financial planners have grown complacent or they never cared about their clients at all. In both cases, the only losing party is the client. I have tried to complain about their poor services before, but they never listen. Itís very difficult to get through to these people. I wouldnít say all of the financial planners working at FourThought are bad. They certainly have a small group of talented people but the majority suffers from a disease called arrogance. So far, they havenít improved on anything I told them about. 

Their financial planners show up late to meetings and make it seem like they arrived on time. I have wasted a lot of time sitting in my office waiting for those guys. In fact, I hate it whenever I have to meet with one of those guys. They will get an appointment and talk all professionally. But for some random reason, they would fail to show up on time. It is really frustrating. Itís not like I have a lot of free time. I have tasks to do just like any other professional. But the people at FourThought donít care about any of that. 

To those people, Iím a golden goose whose sole purpose is to pay their commission checks. I have resorted to express my dissatisfaction with their services through a platform like this one because all my efforts to complain have failed. Their communication channels are terrible. It seems to me that the company has flawed communication practices within itself. The people working there donít let the client complaints reach the right pair of ears. I believe thatís the most reasonable explanation behind their poor handling of my complaints. Otherwise, they would have improved by now. The leadership should work on their staff and teach them to act responsibly. You canít keep wasting your clientís time constantly. If they keep it up I would have no option but to leave their services. It is getting to that point! 

However, no matter how many times I point it out, I donít think FourThought Private Wealth is going to change anytime soon. Like I said, their communication channels are flawed. The leadership never gets to learn whatís really going on with the clients. Due to this, those people think everything is going okay and all the clients are satisfied. I assume no one has even heard of my complaints there. I canít recommend FourThought Private Wealthís services to anyone. Until those people improve themselves, it would be a mistake to work with them. There are a ton of wealth advisors in our great nation. You donít have to pay a bunch of arrogants when you can get much better service elsewhere.

A Little Info About FourThought Private Wealth

FourThought Private wealth is a wealth management company based in Venice, FL. Their address is 310 W Venice Ave #201, Venice, FL 34285, USA. They offer services to high-net-worth individuals and companies. They claim to focus on building strong relationships with their clients through trust and transparency. However, in my case, there was no transparency whatsoever. None of my feedback has ever reached the right people here. FourThought claims that they care about their relationship with their clients but my experience has shown me the opposite. 

As one of their customers, I wouldnít recommend their services to anyone. They are horrible people who are too arrogant to listen to client feedback. Unless you want to increase stress and frustration in your life, I wouldnít recommend working with them. 

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