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Complaint: On July 14th 2011, My girlfriend provided her information and mine to apply for an apartment, paid a $50 application fee to Marketing Strategists Inc. and had the chance to view an apartment at 2110 N. Charles St Apt 7, Baltimore MD 21218. On the day of July 19th, I Christopher , met with Melinda of Fox Reality Services and viewed the apartment at 2110 N Charles St. Apt 7, and in turn paid the security deposit of $600. This was the amount of the security deposit told to us, as we were approved. After viewing the apartment Melinda proceeded to call the landlord Richard Cohen to give him the news the apartment was viewed and that I was providing the approved amount of $600 for the security deposit. On July 20th, my girlfriend and I met with SMI Inc office and paid the remainder of the balance, $600 for the 1st months rent. At this time we were given approval papers and a balance sheet showing we paid the full amount of $600 for security deposit and $600 for the first month rent. My girlfriend signed these documents and we were given an agreement dated July 20th 2011, that we could move in and the Lease dates of July 22nd 2011 to July 21, 2012 at address 2110 N. Charles St. Apt 7Baltimore, MD 21218. My girlfriend also contacted BGE on this date to have service covered in the apartment starting July 22, 2011. On the morning of July 22, 2011, I was scheduled to receive the keys to our new residence. The morning of, we were told by SMI Inc. that our keys were being held up by Melinda.After numerous unasnwered calls i finally spoke to Melinda and she told me she could not speak to me and to call SMI Inc.. When I spoke to SMI Inc., he stated that Melinda said that we would need to provide an additional $600 to move in. We protested to the fact we were already approved and paid the necessary amount and would not pay more on the day of our movie in. We were told if we did not pay the extra $600 we would not be able to move in and had the appropriate documents to support our claim of having a $0 balance. The keys were withheld from us, and we were left homeless without a residence. This was highly disappointing and upsetting after getting utilities and having our address changed to the residence. Now we have extra storage fees, utility cost, and hotel fees. We were ripped off of $1250 and homeless.

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Address: 5209 York Rd Suite 12 Baltimore, Maryland United States of America


Phone: 443-275-2887

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